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  1. yoeriiii

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    yes i indeed managed to fry my BIOS
    i installed a new RAM
    and my computer stopped giving a interface
    when i removed the new RAM it gave me a dualbios screen that should repair my main bios.
    for when it malfuntions like now only problem is, that after the bar fills up it restarts en starts over.
    so my dualBIOS created a loop, in wich i can nothing but watch.

    i have tried to repair it myself my throwing a USB with up-to-date drivers in the back: nothing no reaction
    i have also removed the CMOS battery and replaced it with a fresh one: nothing

    so now i have a pc that does nothing but load and restart en loop

    if you have any idea how to fix my problem i would be VERY happy to hear it
    already thanks for taking the time to read this.

    computer specs
    new RAM: a hp that vanished from google
    motherboard: gigabyte GA-F2A55M-DS2 rev3.0
    processor: amd a serie a8-5600k

    *the documents contain photo's from the RAM and the message

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  2. yoeriiii

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    nevermind i got an answer from GIGABYTE

    please try make a full rest about your system like:

    Switch off power supply and wait 30 s

    Remove CMOS battery.

    Shortcircuit the contacts in the battery holder for about 2s.

    Remove shortcircuit.

    Reinstall CMOS battery.

    Now shortcircuit Clear CMOS jumper for 10 s.

    Remove shortcircuit. Turn on the PSU switch.

    Start system and immediately boot into the bios setup.

    this did the trick
  3. aldan

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    yep that will.

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