Funcube not working on SDR radios

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    I'm not sure which category this should be in, so I posted here.

    I have a Funcube, which is a type of Software designed radio INPUT. here's a screen shot. You can see marks on the screen, they are a radio signal, that I can hear.

    I have two Windows 10 computers.
    The Funcube works on one and not on the other.
    When selecting the INPUT, on one computer the Funcube is highlighted, the other it's greyed out.

    I've tried 'everything' REGEDIT, Clear the DRIVERS and re- install, Updated the
    Windows software, Checked the DEVICE MANAGER, un/re-installed the drivers, etc.

    It looks to the 'experts' that have helped me so far, that The Funcube is being Sensed and connected, to the SOUNDCARD which is set in the LINE IN ok. While the program is ok with other none SOUNCARD type Dongles, so it appears that the two aren't 'talking' to each other.

    Any suggestions, please?

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