fx-8350 performace drops from 50 degrees

Discussion in 'CPUs and Overclocking' started by jesse kraus, Jul 10, 2018.

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    Recently I have gotten more interested in overclocking my fx-8350 cpu. I have finally managed it to get it to 4,8Ghz at 1,5Volt but I ran into a problem when doing a stress test. Whenever I do a stress test in cpu-z the score I start with is around 1890, but when the processor hits around 50 degrees celsius I start seeing drops in task manager and the score in cpu-z lowers with around 200. If I stop the stress test and let the cpu cool down again I can start the stress test and everything will be normal again, until i hit the 50 degrees again.

    I'm wondering why the performance suddenly goes down that much around 50 degrees since I would expect a processor to bottleneck at much higher temperatures and I would like to go a little higher and get a little better score, but that's hard with these drops.

    my specs:
    Amd fx-8350 @4,8Ghz
    asrock extreme3 2.0
    Sapphire AMD radeon r7 370 4gb
    12gb hyperX fury and 8gb hyperX savage @1,6Ghz
    Thermaltake smart pro rgb 850W
    coolermaster liquidmaster ML120
    kingston A400 ssd 120gb with windows 10
    here is a screenshot of my performace lowering, dont mind the last part there I stopped the stress test to take a screenshot.
  2. Shlouski

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    I'm not sure if the cool and quiet feature in the bios throttles the cpu or just lowers the core speed when the cpu isn't being used much, but you might wanna try turning it off.
  3. Darren

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    1.5v is WAYYY too high. You need to research what others get on that chip because you're way overshooting what's even possible on those chips. That motherboard probably won't handle very high overclocking either. The 8 core Vishera chips heat up the VRMs really badly when overclocked, which is likely why you're throttling so badly. I'd be surprise if you got over 4.4GHz on it. You need to be more cautious, 1.5v is asking for a fried chip, especially on just a 120mm AIO cooler.

    I ran a 240MM AIO and got 4.6GHz stable but it was crazy hot, ran it at 4.4GHz.

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