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Discussion in 'Sound Cards and Speakers' started by James^.^, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. James^.^

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    Hey guys, I was having trouble figuring out how to have the speakers play the game while I have heaphones that play the sounds of Teamspeak. I've heard this is only achievable by getting another sound card, but I know that there is someone who probably designed a program just for this problem.
    If you could help that would solve a big concern of mine, I just don't like when people are cursing really loud on teamspeak and everyone in the house gives me funny looks, and when I just can't hear someone well enough because of the game sounds.


    Oh yeah, I have a Realtek Drivers and software
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  2. James^.^

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    Come on no one? This is kinda sad. This has been up for a while while while
  3. Kosh

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    dunno i do know it is possible with 2 seperate sound cards.looks like you already knew that.i know of no way to run one sound output to the rear and another to the only seems to work with one or the other not both.
  4. CPTMuller

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    you could get a usb sound adapter, we had one that came with a cheap altec lansing headset from way back when.... and that registers as its own audio device

    or just get a usb headset

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