Gigabyte Galaxy 2 (mini review)


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I just got and installed my gigabyte Galaxy II water cooling system.

I had read reviews and seen pics saying that it was HUGE. It is. It really ****ing is! That would be the 1 and only con.

I have the thing on about 1/4 fan speed, and have reduced my temp 10/11 degree C on core 1 and 2 respectively. When I had it on full it was about 13 degrees cooler, but way too loud to sleep IMO (and my hearing isn't top notch after drumming in metal bands for 10 years).

But the kit is complete. There is nothing it lacks, or extra you have to pick up. I bought a syringe of artic silver, but it did come with it's own tube of thermal paste which i'm sure would have worked fine.

So over all I would give it an 8. Drawbacks being size, and issue with the automatic power system for low water prevention. (it was throwing an error, just bypassed it, but still PITA)