global websites

erika g

Why is it that many companies around the world that for some reason dont have a global website redirect people regardless of where they live to a u.s. website? Take for example or just to name a few.... if you go to and scroll to the very bottom where it says u.s. on left hand side and click on it, it then takes you to where it says choose your location. Click on global homepage which is at very top left hand side and it takes you back to the u.s., why is that??? why would that be the case???? i got in contact with norelco and they told me that norelco doesnt have a global website and instead is their defacto global website! im almost certain that will also redirect consumers to that defacto website. is panasonic global website but which belongs to the u.s. stands out the most than any other country even than that of canada! Whether multinational companies have a global website or not, why does the u.s. website have more weight, importance than any other country in the world????? im almost certain that lacoste which is technically a french company redirects their most important single country website again to the u.s. can someone please tell me whats going on here???