Going rate for General Computer Cleanup?

Discussion in 'General Computer Chat' started by theboy, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. theboy

    theboy New Member

    Hey guys,

    What do some of you charge for general computer cleanup/computer training?
    Things like: running defrag, install AV, MBAM, msconfig, comp. training, etc.

    I feel like I know a lot about computers now, I just don't want to set my price too high and never get the job. Keep in mind, I'm in California, so it might be a bit higher than other places.
    Any suggestions? :)
  2. vroom_skies

    vroom_skies VIP Member

    Find out what local companies are charging and price accordingly.
  3. danthrax

    danthrax New Member

    You'll probably have to quote people slightly lower than the going rate if you actually want to get the job. Without having any kind of reputation it will be tough to get those first few gigs. Good luck!
  4. theboy

    theboy New Member

    GeekSquad and a bunch on independents are near my area. I need to make a nice simple design logo and go ahead with business cards. Really I can make a killing cause I live in rural area. I'm thinking $45.00 hr. Seem too low?

    Also, I need to get insurance just in case someone tries to file something when I am in there house.:confused:
  5. gamblingman

    gamblingman VIP Member

    Yeah, way too low. I would start at at least 60 per hour for work, any less an you'll be making yourself look inexperienced and "cheap". Its hard to get rid of that appearance later on.

    If you're teaching, I'd price for a series of classes (like several hundred for several months of classes); instead of per class. How will you teach? Will you be providing the equipment for people to work on?

    Do you have a website yet?
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  6. theboy

    theboy New Member

    60 sounds fair. The cost of gas/my time, etc.
    Well I would be teaching as I am working on their machine. So maybe (thanks for the idea!) I split the teaching up into another category/time. Most folks I have worked with, want to know their machine not someone else. So I will teach on their machine. I used to have a website a few years back but didn't keep it up/pay for the domain. I am gaining a reputation in the small area around here, but now I need at least a business card (which I can make in Photoshop).

    Anyone have real world experience? ideas?

    Thanks for input!:D

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