Google Photos Recovery

I misplaced my SD card that contained a lot of vacation photos. I have a trip from April 2021 and one from May 2021 that I did not back up to another card. I also deleted them from Google Photos for whatever reason. They are no longer in the Google Photos trash.

This is an LG V30 running Android 9.0.

After doing some research, I've found that I have 2 options left to try to recover these photos.

1. Use an Android Recovery Tool. In other words, they may still be on the phone somewhere even though I can't access them currently. I have enabled USB debugging and developer options and enabled OEM unlocking. I have successfully installed the latest dirvers and downloaded a tool called FoneLab for Android. I can't successfully use FoneLab because the phone isn't rooted. I downloaded another program called iRoot and it cannot successfully root the phone. I have read that I need to download a TWRP and that this may enable me to root the phone, but it will also completely format and delete everything on the phone, so I'm not sure if this would help me. This is an old phone so I don't care if everything gets deleted, with the exception of the photos that I'm trying to recover. Then I'm being told that after the TWRP, I'm supposed to get a MAgisk manager zip file (whatever that is, but I'll cross that bridge once I get there).

2. Call Google customer service and have them get the photos for me.

Any ideas? Is TWRP the way to go for now? Does anyone know the best custom TWRP for my type of phone?

Does anyone know another forum that is more specific to phone recovery? In case I can't find the answers here?


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Rooting your phone will delete everything on your phone, so thats gonna be a no go to get your photos back. It sounds like you are up a creek without a paddle.

I doubt google will be able to do anything for you. Once you delete them off of photos, I'm pretty sure they are gone.
I just thought of something... When I initially transferred these photos from my phone to the SD card, there was a very brief time that they were on my computer. (I didn't transfer direct from phone to SD card, I first transferred to computer because it was faster).

I deleted them from the computer after a very short time. Is there a way to recover?