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So one of my reviews on Google got removed. It was for a plumbing company that I left a 1 star rating. They overcharge people for the work that they do and also engage in unlawful practices. They charge more on Visa than the amount on their invoice. The bank refunded the difference to me. All their 5 star ratings are fake and the 1 star ratings are real. So how is it that google removed my real review and leaves up all the fake 5 star rating reviews for this company ? I see on the internet how a company can contact Google but I don't see where a customer can contact Google ? Or maybe it is best just to forget about it because this was one year ago but I just noticed that my review is gone recently ?


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My status as a Google Maps Local Guide doesn't mean much at all, but I do know the automatic filtering system can flag posts that are too short as well as any reviews with racial/foul language.

iirc: Business owners are unable to remove reviews themselves, but are able to respond and flag posts. Posts that are removed have to be flagged and be in violation of Google's policy.

The only thing I can think of that may be of assistance is sending a feedback report (no customer service unfortunately)... this page might help clarify things, but I understand the frustration :confused: