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Discussion in 'Video Cards and Monitors' started by LinuxTester, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. LinuxTester

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    Hi. I've got an nVidia GeForce GT 220 GPU on my tower PC. When playing games, the fan is not going to speed up. Only the CPU fan is speeding up. I tried changing the speeds manually but nothing happened. Here is a list of the programs I tried:
    nVidia Control Panel
    MSI Afterburner
    ASUS GPU Tweak

    Only SpeedFan was able to monitor the fan speeds, but it wasn't able to change them!. When I tried to speed up the fans to 100%, they were still low!
    Please note that I can't buy a fan controller!
  2. C4C

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    Are you sure SF didn't work? It seems to work for me (I do have a newer card though) and my speeds adjusted fine. It may be that that GPU isn't "supported" and you can't change the fan speeds.
  3. lovely?

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    What are the maximum temps your graphics card reaches? If it's not getting hot, the fan need not speed up.

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