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Discussion in 'Video Cards and Monitors' started by 0bAm3, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. 0bAm3

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    earlier i made a thread about wanting to put a gt 710 in a dell optiplex 980.
    and apparently its not good for optiplex.
    if there are any, what low profile cards under 100 dollars can boost its preformance?
    its ok if there are none.
    Thank you for all the help! :D
  2. Laquer Head

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    Buying a half-height gpu for an Optiplex doesnt make a ton of sense with the $100 budget - isn't financially feasible really, least nothing worthwhile out there. I saw a 1050 half-height for like $150 usd.

    What is it that you are trying to achieve with the machine as far as 'better performance'?

    What are the specs of the version of the Optiplex 980 that you have?
  3. Darren

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    GT 1030 would work. Likely not worth your time and effort though.
  4. Shlouski

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    Forgive me as my experience with Dell computers is very limited, but would it not be possible to move the components into a different case?
    Is it using the ATX form factor?
    Are you experienced at building PC's?

    If it does use the ATX form factor if should be fairly easily to find an old case potentially for free, many people/businesses will be happy to get rid of them, it saves them the trouble of scrapping them and this would enable you to install a wider range of GPU's.


    Another idea would be to buy a PCI-E 16x to 16x Riser like this one:

    Of course there are two problems with is, one would there be enough room for a full sized card, you would need to take your own measurements and the second how to secure the card inside the pc, you might need to get creative, this might involve lots of cable ties :D
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