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Discussion in 'Video Cards and Monitors' started by Zargot, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. Zargot

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    out of boredom today, i dug out Overlord from my a bit too big game collection. to my surprise i found my old saved file, so i was happy. yay. well, when i started it up i got wierd green squares all over my screen, kinda like a chess board. its a bit hard to explain, so ill post a link to a screenshot of it

    its only appearing in Overlord. other games arent doing it. also, earlyer i was watching one of my movies. weak gray squares appeared there too, but i assumed it was just something wrong with the video file. i never had this problem before, does it sound familiar to anyone? :S

    im running on windows vista btw. :/ i miss xp.
  2. wafflez

    wafflez New Member

    artifacts...or they look like them, the game is heating up your card, (I think...the fact that this only happens in an old game is strange though...)
  3. oscaryu1

    oscaryu1 VIP Member

    Download PC Wizard and get your GFX temps.
  4. hermeslyre

    hermeslyre VIP Member

    Overlord is only like 3 months old or something. 0.o But yeah my first impression was artifacting, but I actually had a similar problem with an actually old game before, Icewind Dale. It was a corrupted install I believe, If your video card is neither overheated, or overclocked too much, I'd recommend a reinstall
  5. Zargot

    Zargot New Member

    seeing as my video card is running world of warcraft, half life 2 episode 2, fear, quake wars: enemy territory, command and conquer 3: tiberium wars and bio shock all on max settings without a problem, i suspect its not overheating. :p ill try reinstalling it then


    tried downloading PC Wizard, but apparently it doesnt work with vista! :/ not my vista anyways

    second edit:

    i reinstalled it and now its working fine. thanks :D saves the day again!
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