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What is your name / nickname /age / occupation?
Marko Tadros / Polo / 22 years old / Pre-Med / Pre-Dental Student.

What did you first come here for?
I was just looking to show others my very special Pyramid rig and so I ran into your website when I Googled "Rig of the Month".

What do you mainly use the system for?
Photo/Video Editing, and Gaming.

How much money did you spend on the rig as it is right now?
Roughly about $1500, but its going up.

How often do you update/buy a new rig?
Depends on what new technology is out there.

What components are used?
In this Rig I have used; The Pyramid case, Intel Quad Core Q6600, Zotac 8800GT 512MB AMP Edition, G.Skill 4GB PC2-8000, GIGABYTE EP35 M.B., WD 500GB SATA300 SE16, Rosewill 500 Watts, 2x Antec 80mm Fans, 2x Dynax 80mmFans, Antec 120mm Fan, Scythe 40mm Northbridge fan, 2x Thermaltake 80mm fan noise dampeners, red and blue sound sensitive cathodes, and Samsung 20X DVDRW w/ Lightscribe.
Why ATI or NVIDIA, why Intel/AMD? I went with Intel Q6600 for its good ability to OC and its fairly good performance/price ratio. I also choose the NVIDIA (Zotac 8800GT) over an ATI for the amazing performance/price ratio. This 8800GT is the AMP Edition which comes OC to 700 MHz Core / 2000 MHz Memory clock (very close to the 8800GTX in 3Dmark06 scores).

Does your PC live up to your expectations ?
This computer definitely tickles my dreams! It looks and performs much better than I expected.

What's the best part of your rig?
I would have to say the "Pyramid case". It attrackts everyone's attention when they see it.
What's sucks and should not have bought? Rosewill Z3 CPU fan/heatsink, because it was too big to fit in !!!

Did you modify anything ?
I modified the Case by adding 2 extra side intake 80mm fans (one on each side) and a 120mm back exhaust fan for better air flow.
Your 3Dmarko06 / 3Dmark Vantage score (P+GPU)? After OC my Q6600 to 2.8 GHz w/ stock fan, I was able to get 12,508 on 3DMark06. I was planning on OC the Q6600 to 3.2 GHz, but my Rosewill Z3 CPU fan was extremely huge to fit in the case.

Do you have any Future updates planned ?
I will be building another Pyramid Rig (Same design since I own another case just like this) but with much more powerful components like; Triple SLI, Quad Core Extreme, DDR3, 3x Raptor Xs' in Raid0, and Water Cooling.
This is going to be "The Ultimate Pyramid Gaming Computer". I am currently looking for sponsors, and I would appreciate it if you can help by any means.



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Looks awesome but would last 20 mins in my house.

After 2 hours of cutting all the LED wires....I would love it again.