Hard drive problems


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Hi guys
I have a pretty old pentium 233 that im trying to fix. Therse info on the hard drive that they desperatley want to keep. The pc loads up to the dos screen then says disk A drive error press f1 to resume. if you continue and press f1 it carries on past the windows screen where eventually it comes up as not reading the C drive. The drive is recognised in Dos and i have put it into my other machine as a slave , it is recognised in DOS but not in windows. Does anyone have any idea how i can get the information off. Ive heard about a hard drive clone but im unsure how to go about it


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Since posting this thread, ve tried copying from DOS. The problem im having now which i presume is unrelated. Is altho it picks up the drive when it boots up, when i go into DOS, it only picks up one of the drives and not the other one. Thus i cant copy any files over. Ive been booting up with a windows 98 SU and am using win XP, thats the only thing i can think could make any difference. Ive checked all cabling and tried changing round jumpers and drives etc but nothing.... any ideas???


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1. Is the drive physcially toasted, if so that would make things difficult
2. When you're using WindowsXP, whats the filesystem? :)