Having an issue w/ mouse moving to another destination....

Hey guys,

I'm not sure where I should have posted this but I figured here b/c maybe my Graphics Card is causing these problems. I run a AMA XFX Radeon RX 470 4gb w/ a dual monitor setup, btw just in case you guys need to know.

Alright, for the issues that's been occurring...

1) It's hard to explain but basically when I'm typing here or say playing a game, it just moves me somewhere else. I don't exactly know where (probably just the back screen), I just know I move b/c I'm not able to type or play the game. It does snap back, sometimes on it's own but majority of the time I just re-click where ever I was, then proceed what I was doing.

2) The other issue I've been having is malfunctioning hotkeys, which I'm hoping the first problem is what's causing my hotkeys to malfunction.

Any idea... would be really appreciate it.

Thanks a bunch!


First eliminate the easy fixes. If you have an extra mouse, swap it out and see if the problem duplicates. I had a similar issue, and the mouse actually turned out to be the problem. It was even causing the computer to jump around on web pages.