HDD/SSD Drive Speed Thread

Alan Naylor

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Is the results from this server any good?


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First update I've done in over a year! Sorry for the slow update - I haven't been on the forums for about 8 months (or looking at this thread for even longer!)

@Geoff, @Agent Smith and @Calin I've put your scores up and congratulations to Geoff, the 960 EVO is the single fastest drive we have benchmarked so far! :D

@Darren if you want to submit a score you need to run the test again but this time with no caching to artificially inflate the results.

@Alan Naylor, thanks for submitting some scores but I see you've not logged in since October so you're probably not going to see this message but I need information about your drive(s) in the screenshots please as outlined in the first post. Annoyingly Photobucket has changed their service terms which means embedded images don't work for me anymore so you can't see my examples, but other examples in this thread will show you what I mean.


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@Geoff might be interested in this one - my Lexar 2933x 64GB XQD used in the Lexar XQD card reader on USB 3.0. Seems it might be reading/writing at 440MB/s inside the D500, but it's not doing it when connected to the PC by USB 3.0. Still very quick though!

lexar xqd.PNG

Here are the results for the SD cards I use.

SanDisk Extreme PRO 95MB/s SDXC 64GB which I use in the D500's SD slot as a backup for the XQD:

sandisk extreme pro.PNG

SanDisk Extreme 45MB/s SDHC 32GB which I use/used in the D3200 (only a single slot in that camera):

sandisk extreme.PNG

I also occasionally use/used a 16GB version of that same Extreme 45MB/s card.
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