Help - Brother,


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He's constently deleting my music, files, un-installing my games. I use Windoze Me operating system and want to lock him out, how can I do that? how can I lock the bastard from touching my stouch, or even viewing them... I wanna show this bastard a lesson, help please


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I said I was on ME lol

The thing is.. I'm talking about when he goes onto his profile, he goes to C:/windows/profiles/{my udername} and goes through all my files, he and read and delete them, how can I password protect this folder or stop him using it?
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H/W lock.. does your system not have a hardware locking system? IBM / Fujitsu and a plethora of other newer system comes with this.. as to locking the system completely.. perhaps [tab] might have a solution.


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Folder encryption is prolly the simplest way out there but if you want the policy editor can be used quite effectively :) If your comp has multiple drives, move ur stuff to one of the drives and disable it when ur done using it :p


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the one for the folders, the 64bit encryption one

I got this

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The requested URL /epfFREE50_64bit06300003.exe was not found on this server.
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i dont know much about password stuff but you could rename the folder to something weird and technichal like "VMM32" or "SBUtils" or "IOSUBSYS" depending on how clever he is:D