help buying a cheap pc laptop under 500 for game making (not heavy duty gaming)

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    EDIT: i realised how unorganised this post was. so i rewrote it.

    Price range: 500$ (I hope to get a deal for like 300$ used. I don’t really have 500 bucks but I might be able to get it used.)

    Size: thin and light to mainstream ( 14-15.5 inch.)

    Location: I want to get it online from a Canadian or American vender

    Brand: no Toshiba plz. I like asus and hp.

    Tasks: lots of files need to be stored. Web browsing and 2d game making. Word processing and snappy streaming video. Most likely no 3d other that mine craft (not really graphics intensive) and some 2d gaming (mostly what I make but some online games too.) art programs like Photoshop are a must. Also video editing is probable.

    Portable: I will need to move it but I wont take it for school every day so it only need to be slightly portable

    Battery life: at least 5 hours but 7+ is ideal.

    Operating system: windows 7 ideally. No apple or Linux please. Also no vista. I hate vista.

    Screen: I don’t care if its wide screen or not. (however I will take widescreen over standard but only if im not compromising anything else.)

    Resolution: 1400x1050 (SXGA) or 1680x1050 (WSXGA) (I can compromise on this one.

    Glossy or no: matte. (I can compromise here too).

    Stylishness: I like it to be functional. But I want it in black or silver. Blue works too. Aluminium case is nice but not required. I need a good keyboard because I type a lot. (code monkey) also a touch pad supporting multi touch support is nice too. Preferably something minimalist that says I mean business.

    Hard drive: 70+ GB

    Optical drive: CDRW DVD-ROM

    Ram: at least 3GB but preferably 4

    USB’s: at least 3 but 4 is better.

    Pre installed programs: Microsoft office suite and internet explorer or Google chrome.. No bloat ware please. Most programs I use will be bought by me.

    Upgradeable: I would like it to be easy to get in to the computer because I want to upgrade it in the future
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    You're going to be disappointed with this reply, but I'm replying to you so you can help me :D. You want a laptop with basically all the same things as me. I'll be coding when in college and I'll be using photoshop, doing some light video editing and music making and stuff, but nothing serious.

    I see you have a clear idea of what you want, any chance you can tell me what I should be looking out for? You have a good idea of it and I have NO clue.
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    1. Toshiba is a good company. Ruling them out is like ruling craft out of your cheeses. Or coke out of your drinks.
    2. HP sucks donkey unless you get the Professional line, and for 500 you are dreaming there.

    If you are willing to buy used, you can search Ebay for deals. I got a good Dell Latitude D630 on there for 150 and it had a failing wireless card, but I fixed that in less than 5 minutes.

    You can get some good deals used if you open your choices to it.

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