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  1. 7055

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    I've never been able to figure out how to do this. I want to modify my Kodak easyshare c613 digicam videos with windows movie maker. Problem is Windows Movie Maker doesn't accept whatever format my Kodak camera puts them in. I can't even figure out what filetype they are. I clicked on properties and the most I can find out is "quick time movie" which is what it says under filetype.

    From what I can see the formats that WMM accepts are .avi .mpg .m1v .mp2 .mp2v and .mpeg So I'd need to convert it to one of those.
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  3. 7055

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    Which one would I need to download? I clicked on the downloads tabs and there are hundreds of options. I finally figured out that my digicam videos are in .mpeg4
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    use media converter.. simplest there is..
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    Word on that ^

    Kodak gives a .mov file.
    No wonder you couldnt get it in wmm

    Convert it to wmv or mpg.

    For converting, use a xilisoft video converter.

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