[Help] Hard Disk Error on Windows 7

Discussion in 'Computer Memory and Hard Drives' started by Exclikers, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. Exclikers

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    I really need help now..

    tonight i am using Windows 7 with my 1000GB Hard Drive, and works fine, now i am copying my files from my 500GB Hard Drive to my new 1000GB HD, and when i am copying almost a half, the system hangs, the mouse dont move, so i decided to restart the computer, but when i restarted i saw a message.

    Load Windows Repair Boot System (Recommended) (something like that)
    Start Windows Normally

    i tried to select the boot repair but i cant repair it. and when i start normally the system keeps on restarting.

    and i am now starting to worry about my files.

    now i return back my 500GB Hard Drive to a SATA1 and put the 1000GB on SATA2 as a Primary Slave.

    and when i checked the Computer Management. i see that my Hard Drive on SATA is invalid.. why is it like that?


    i didnt do anything.. is there any way i can return or revive my files from that disk?

    i really need my files.. Please Help me

  2. 3uL

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    are you use seagate baracuda 7200.11??
  3. Bodaggit23

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    You should never power down your pc while the drives are active like that.


    To repair the Windows install, place your Windows 7 disc in the tray and boot from the disc, as if you were going to reinstall.

    Choose the Repair option from there.
  4. Exclikers

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    i tried to insert my win7 on the drive and try to repair. but i cant repair coz i did not set any image backup or system restore to restore. and it always failed..

    yes its Baracuda 7200.11 and its brand new. i just installed a OS last night.

    i also tried to reinstall the windows but i dont see any partition to select..

    i dont want any data lost on my drive coz its very important..

    maybe its because the Disk is Dynamic? my old Drive is Basic and this 1000GB drive is Dynamic..

    is there a way i cant recover my files from Dynamic Disk?

  5. 3uL

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