HELP! Need advice on how to check hard drive contents

Frustrated Mama

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Hello all,

Mama of 4 trying to get my digital photos together. I have 2 old hard drives that I need to look at and have been unsuccessful so far with adapter kits from Amazon. Hoping for some advice so I can change my user name back to Chill Mama.

IBM Travelstar model IC25N040ATCS04-0
Fujitsu model MHV2100AT PL

Thank you for reading and saving my sanity hopefully.
So how far have you gotten? Does the adapter attach to the drive? Can you see the drive in windows? If the files you need are under your user account instead of root of the drive then you'll need to take ownership of the files/folders before you can see them.
Hoping for some advice so I can change my user name back to Chill Mama.
As far as I can tell there is no current member with the name of chill mama.
There is no Chill Mama yet. I just joined today.

I have been able to attach my other drives and get photos but the 2 above don't see to want to connect. The connectors don't seem to fit. I purchased an adapter from Amazon but the 2 drives dont seem to be able to connect. Is there a way for me to see what type of hard drives they are?

I am a teacher and our tech guy is amazing but I don't go back for 6 weeks and he will be overseas. Thanks for any and all help.
Nah it's just sus since suddenly you have a stack of IDE laptop drives to harvest when even 20 years ago they were old.
Well, i'm not sure what adapters you are buying but you have to make sure that the adapter will support laptop IDE drives which this one does.

If you can link what you have bought already we can verify it will work.