help on how to unlock huawei modem model 3531s-1


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i have trying to unlock the huawei modem by using software like dc unlocker and huawei modem unlocker but i didn't succeed to unlock it
the following are the problem i have see during the process of unlocking by using the huawei modem unlocker +dc modem unlocker
1.modem not found (by using dc modem unlocker) port not detected (by using huawei modem unlocker)
all these i have experienced on the unlocking process,
i forward all my thanks to all who will help.


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Most modems have a way to hard reset the modem. Usually it's by pressing the power button for a number of seconds. Anywhere from 7 to 30 seconds depending on the manufacturer. Generally, you'll know it's reset because the lights on the modem come on, or start blinking, or something similar.


It's probably bricked at this point. The point of having limited attempts is to prevent hacking.

Most likely if a device has "zero" attempts left.. it means the data has been scrambled.