Help with costing


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Hi im a computer engineer/small business have been doing it quite a few years

But it is not the easiest

I don't many customers and cannot charge much less

What prices should i be charging

at the moment

Reinstall of windows including drivers £20

Data Transfer £20 with free caddy if its a replacement drive.

Well job i have just finished

Reinstall windows 10

Get a holder for laptop as hard drive didnt have the caddy which holds the drive in £11 to buy

Data transfer was only 10gb

256gb new SSD


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I repair computers part time, usually charge like $30 USD an hour or a flat rate depending on what I do. You just need to figure out whats best for you and your clients.


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I worked at a shop that charged like $110 for fresh installs of Windows and another $40 for data backup. Most component rates were about double what they could get them for. I think the rates you listed are very low but I also haven't been in the UK PC game in a while.


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Back when I did break fix prices were around this: (2008-2012ish)
Windows reinstall - $125
Data backup - $50
Virus removal/replacement PSU - $99
New HDD + Windows - $225ish