Help with pairing a desktop computer ( tower ) with a monitor.


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I have a LG 24UD 58-B 24" 16:9 4K UHD 3840x2160 free sync IPS monitor. What computer would i need for that? I would like a CD burner. The cost would be around 1000.00, is that right? Specific computer ideas would be great. Any help please? Thank you very much. I don't know a whole lot about computers.


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What do you want to do with the computer? You can plug that monitor into pretty much any computer.


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No gaming. Just standard internet stuff. I thought you needed more to run an UHD monitor? I have a HP pavilion now. I'll try it. Thank you very much.


I'd suggest getting something from CyberpowerPC, although there are other websites that do custom pc jobs. You can plug in different build options to get something that fits your budget.
That being said, $1000 is more than reasonable for a decent pc. I personally try to get my PC's under $1300, since with that you can get a really good built if you forgo the graphic card. Unless your gaming, or doing video or photo editing, integrated graphics does a pretty good job. I've had my PC since 2015 and have yet to install a graphic card. But the rest of the specs are pretty beefy.
NOTE: I'm including 2 expansion cards I installed more recently, and I"ll skip any added hard drives from over the years.

Gigabyte G1.Snyper Z170
Intel i7 6700K
16 Gigs Cosair ram
2 TB hard drive 7200 rpm.

Expansion Cards (added later)
PCIe x4: USB Type C -4 ports (installed in PCIe x16 slot.) -trivial to move if I decide to install a graphic card later.
PCIe x4: Gigabyte Alpine Ridge Thunderbolt 3 expansion card. It can only be installed in certain Gigabyte motherboards.

Unless I decided to do Video editing, which is highly unlikely, I doubt I'd up my ram to 64 GB.

I do want to get a graphic card, but it's going to be a couple years before the silicon shortage goes away. It's a pandemic. It's causing root shortages at the manufacturing stage, coupled with so many people working from home and wanting to get a better graphic card to deal with working from home. I'm hoping that after the pandemic, and the silicon shortage gets resolved, that graphic cards will catch up to demand.