how can i tell this psu is working?


I just want to see if my PSU is working. I just ordered a Corsair RM 650. I plugged in some fans, because I'm not ready to plug in anything else yet, but nothing came on. Is there something I'm not aware of, like it needs a little more of a load for it to work, or did I possibly get a bum unit. It was refurbished. Are there a few tricks I can use to tell if it's working. I've seen a paperclip method, but all the cords are black. Anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you.


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Probably need to have the main connector plugged in before anything starts. Thats why you always have to jump a couple pins in it to get it to turn on.


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You typically need a 'power good' signal to 'turn it on'. Usually you can bridge the green 'power good' to one of the black ground wires and it will start providing power.