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Discussion in 'Internet Discussion' started by Ena, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. Ena

    Ena New Member


    I post this question in other forum already, just to see if there is other suggestions.

    How do I advertise my site? I know there are PPC and search engines, also pop ups and pop unders. Do you have other suggestion for that?

    Thanks for answering my question

  2. ian

    ian Administrator Staff Member

    Well search engines like google, etc are probably the most cost effective way of advertising your site. Networking with other similar sites and exchanging links.
    I tend to stay away from anything involving popups and popunders as I find them annoying.
    When you post at forums, use your URL as your signature link (providing it is not an adult site), that can attract visitors.
    Also depending on the nature of the site, you may want to look at banner exchange, and top 100 sites.
  3. Popads

    Popads New Member

    Depends on your site which method to advertise.

    I found search engine is useful, but takes too long and hard to get into the top ranking list.

    Meanwhile pop ups and pop unders are annoying, because it causes the computer to not-responding, but it attracts people quickly.

    Nowaday you got the new pop ins, which is better than pop ups, it is more effective and more efficient than search engine and pop ups and banners.

    For search engines:, Overture
    For pop ups:, fastclick
    For pop ins:

    Good luck on your business
  4. AainaalyaA

    AainaalyaA New Member

    any other places where you don't really have to "pay"? but would get you unique hits
  5. Popads

    Popads New Member

    There are free search engine or directory, such as You can put your link there, and people can link from their search or by directory.

    Also you can try some exchange program, such as for pop ups. It could increase your traffic, but of course, you need to put a pop up there.

    If you are accepting pop ups, I would suggest you put pop ins. They are little annoying, but must people don't mind 1 pop if they can get what they want from you.
  6. flarn2004

    flarn2004 New Member

    You shouldn't use a pop-up ad, since they are really annoying and sometimes make people not want to visit your site.
    Use, where you can get your banner ad on your website for FREE! ;)!
    Need a banner? Here are some of my favorite banner sites:
    They're both free also :D! Although the first one calls where you get banners the "banner store", it's still free! :)

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