WIndows 10 How do I know if my PC supports an SSD ?


...or if it does support it, if it will actually use up all its potential in speed and power ?

I'd like to make an upgrade to this old-ish desktop to boost its performance a little.
It's an i7-4790S CPU at 3.2GHz, if that helps.
Not sure where to find motherboard info here, please let me know what info you'd need me to supply.
find out what motherboard you have then go on the manufacurers website and you should find out all the information for that board
you will also find out if you need to update your bios for a ssd to work on your motherboard
download cpu-z here and set it all up
when you have done that click on the mainboard tab and it should tell your motherboard model


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If it has a SATA port you can roll a SATA SSD.

If you have a platform like Z97 you might have a M.2 port, although IIRC a lot of those only supported like 2x PCIe lanes for NVME