How do you find out if someone has been on your computer?


If I left my computer on for days, how could I tell if someone had been looking at my computer? Also, can i tell if they tried to print something? I got a message on my phone saying

- printer spooler-

printer error statement_4 2019 pdf

does this mean someone tried to print on my computer?


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Message on your phone...? Do you have errors routed to your phone or something?

Could probably dig through Event Viewer to see the print spooler logs.

Event Viewer tracks pretty much everything so if you dig around enough you can probably find logons or application message and whatever else and correlate timestamps.



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I've seen some rando SMS spam or other email based scams where they send you a probably-malicious PDF and pretend to be from something you'd naturally just assume is the thing. 'Printer error? I MUST INVESTIGATE IMMEDIATELY'.

If you've never set up integration between that or even an app on the phone then it's 100% BS