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Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by tommy8748, Aug 14, 2004.

  1. tommy8748

    tommy8748 New Member

    Ok, well im planning on getting a new computer when I graduate, how does this pc sound?? (Am I getting jipped off or is it a good deal??)
    AMD Athlon™ 64
    FX-53 Processor

    Operating System
    Microsoft® Windows®
    XP Home Edition

    1GB Dual Channel DDR
    SDRAM PC-3200

    Hard Drive
    160GB Seagate®
    SATA - RAID 0

    Graphics Card
    NVIDIA GeForce™
    6800 Ultra 256MB DDR3

    Sound Card
    Creative Sound Blaster®
    Audigy® 2 6.1 Surround

    For: $2,997.00 with a $150.00 rebate

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  2. Praetor

    Praetor Administrator Staff Member

    Uh... why didnt you just give the model number? :p It's a very nice system but you're payin way to much for it :) Build it urself and cut out prolly close to $1000
  3. tommy8748

    tommy8748 New Member

    I don't want to build my wns system because:
    -Don't know how.
    -I love the case on the alienware.
    -It comes all in orange keyboard, mouse, computer.
    -And look at all the guys that built a computer, they post new threads all the time over here.
    (So i'll just stick with this one)
  4. Yeti

    Yeti VIP Member

    I have to agree with Praetor, you could build it for a lot cheaper but it sounds like a good system. If looks are that important to you (and you have $3K to blow) go for it. Also, how is there a raid array with one hard drive or is there more than one 160GB hard drive? Does the system have any optical drives?
  5. Praetor

    Praetor Administrator Staff Member

    If you've got the cashe the system is good but might i suggest you have a look at Voodoo cuz unless you want to get the ALXs the Voodoos are much better as far as cooling goes (i.e., vapor coolers)
  6. tommy8748

    tommy8748 New Member

    What's the hyperlink to the Voodoos?? (I wanna check them out)
  7. Joefox

    Joefox New Member

    Take a look at ABSPC, they are the best bang for the buck. I would NOT recommend an alienware unless you have cash growing on a tree in your backyard. If you have the money then just blow it on the alienware.

    The best solution would be to build your own PC, it's simple, and you will be so much better off, it's a skill you will cherish until the day you die.

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