How much is my laptop worth?

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    Hello. I am trying to sell my laptop so I can build a decent gaming computer. I have a Toshiba Satellite A205-S5804 laptop. It has XP Pro installed along with Microsoft Office 2003. I am currently asking between 380-400. I saw the laptop going for 630 or so online. Here is a link for one on Amazon,, they are actually going for 750. What is a fair price to try and sell it for? Is the 400 range to high? I am also trying to include a western digital 750 gig external hard drive for an additonal 75.

    Thanks for the advice, Jon
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    It's not going to be worth that much but that amazon one is way too overpriced. I would say 160 would be a good price for the laptop but with the external hardrive i would thing 200-220. Tell us the exact specs so we can better determine a good price
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