How much is this pc worth?

Jordan Lynch

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I am looking for a pc to do some light gaming and some video editing. I was wondering if this was a good price for this pc?

"Testing the waters with my gaming pc. Great computer and only 1 year old. Runs games on ultra with no problems. Best way to get in contact is by text. Specs include:

Msi GTX 1060 6gb
8gb ballistix sport lt ddr4 ram.
Intel core i5 8400
Msi z370 a-pro motherboard.
500w evga br psu
250gb ssd
1Tb Hdd
Phanteks p400s ( Great cable managment)"

This is what the poster has said I was wondering if it is worth the money. 950$ CAD(707.50$ USD)

Thanks as I am not super in to computers and I do not have a abundant amount of money to go spending.


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At $950 cad... that's pretty close to what he paid brand new.

Personally, I wouldn't pay that much since it's used.