How much power do i need?


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I just bought all brand new parts off of newegg. A new motherboard with a 1.8ghz intel core 2 duo processor, 4 ram ddr2 slots at 533mhz, a pci express 256mb nvidia graphics card, a sata 80g hard drive, and a dvd-r/cd-r drive. I bought a case that came with a 400watt power supply. I don't think its enough because i can't get my computer to stay on. When i hit the power button the system fan comes on for a second and then turns off. Is this a lack of power? A few times i got the system fan, heat sink fan and the graphics card fan to come on but nothing came up on the monitor. and when i wiggled the graphics card around everything shut off. can anyone help me??! do i need more power??!


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A faulty/insufficient PSU is one possibility. Before replacing it make sure that you have placed standoffs corrctly to avoid shorting, as already mentioned, and that all the connectors are in place, particularly the 4pin ATX12V.