How much space does it take?

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  1. Laptop

    Laptop New Member

    Hello guys...

    would like to know how much space Canon 970 IXUS will take for a picture if the picture is 10megapixel and it is zoomed by 5 times (optical) when I took the shot...How much does it take. Because I need to know how many pictures will fit in my 1GB SD card.
  2. 4NGU$

    4NGU$ VIP Member

    10 mp divided by 2 coz its a .jpg file is ruffly 5mb an image depending on iso settings and colors visible on the screen. optical zoom wont effect file size

    you should never use digital zoom tho [​IMG]
    that just crops down on your CCD

    so any way

    you should get about 200 images on a 1gb card
  3. Laptop

    Laptop New Member

    thanks for the information
  4. Punk

    Punk Moderator Staff Member

    Hmm not always true.

    It depends what quality you chose in your settings.

    My Nikon D40 set to normal takes picture of 6MP for 1.3 MB, no digital zooms ISO200.
  5. adarsh

    adarsh New Member

    I second that. It really depends on the quality on the picture, and on the mega pixels of the camera.
    So, even if you are using SHQ on a 3MB camera, it would still take about 1.2 MB.
  6. Praetor

    Praetor Administrator Staff Member

    Laptop: according to you're looking at 4.33MB per image in high-resolution mode and 0.57MB per image in low resolution mode. You can expect 200+ images per batch or so.

    Do note that what you're shooting has a MASSIVE impact on the file size -- firing off a couple shots for some numbers, just the amount of lighting available can mean the difference between 650K and 3MB (Canon 5D) in JPEG mode and 8MB vs 13MB in RAW. Naturally the point and shoot wont have raw capability :)

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