How to add storage space to PC?


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I am considering adding storage space to my Dell Optiplex 755. I don't know much about this except I assume it involves either plugging something into the motherboard or using a desktop unit that plugs in through a USB port. I am going to be doing some video editing and I need space for all my footage. This is a separate concern from data backup, for which I plan to acquire two external hard drives (which I asked about in another thread).

What is the best way to go about this? I am already worried about external hard drives' rate of failure. Is it any better for internal hard drives/internal SSDs/desktop additions? Obviously this includes the added consideration that I will be working off the unit every day for about 8 hours, so it has to be hearty enough to deal with that.

Thank you for any advice!



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I had exact the same model as you describe but there is no extra space in the Optiplex 755 for an additional hard disk. Best thing is, too get the existing one out (if that one is getting too small) and put a new (bigger) one in the same spot. External drive failures are very rare, at least in the 20 years I have been busy with computers. But I say one thing, avoid Seagate drives. These are notorious for being unreliable in the longer run. That's also the reason they are cheaper. Better go for Western Digital, which has a good solid name in durability regarding hard drives. You also have to consider the speed of the external drives connectors to the Optiplex, since that computer has no native UBS 3.0 onboard. You might check out what available (PCI-e) slots you have available and if you have at least a PCI-e x1 slot then that's more than enough to put in there a USB 3.0 card. If you want to video edit and use big files transferring to your external drives you don't want to do this through USB 2.0. UBS 2.0 has a maximum speed of 480Mbit/s (which is roughly 60 to 70MB/s), even the older PCI slots have a maximum speed of about 1,050Mbit/s. A PCI-e 3.0 x1 slot already does 2,000Mbit/s. But to be honest, an Optiplex is far from an ideal video editing machine. The thing is more designed for companies and office applications.