how to Format a laptop without cd drive?

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by maximilian2006, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. maximilian2006

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    I want to format my laptop, but the cd drive isn't working, it has been broken for a long time. I have the window xp cd. Is there anyway that I can format without cd drive?
  2. Yeti

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    That depends on what exactly you want to do. If you just want to wipe the hard drive DBAN will do the trick and can be run from a USB flash drive. If you want to reinstall Windows you can follow these instructions to do it from a USB flash drive, assuming you have access to another computer with a working CD-ROM. Of course you also have the option of replacing your CD-ROM or buying a USB CD-ROM drive and just using your Windows CD.
  3. G25r8cer

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    ^^ Yup! You can install through a usb flash drive. Or you could upgrade a previous version using an ISO inside of windows! No worries, thats NOT illegal. Use PowerISO to make the ISO copy.

    Edit: Forgot you have a broken cd drive. If you have another pc then make the ISO copy on the other pc and transfer it to the other pc using a network folder or a flash drive. An ISO copy of xp should be about 700mb or so. If you dont have another pc then you could download a CLEAN and Legit copy of xp off the internet (torrent site).

    P.S. Downloading a CLEAN and Legit xp ISO is not illegal if it is not tampered with. Then just use the key that came with your other disk to install.
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