"How to get groups with your API?" - Is this a question someone with my level of knowledge can answe

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    I've done computer tech support before, but sort of basic general computer tech support. I applied, based on this experience, for a support job at a tech company developing software where I would answer requests for support with their software.

    They sent me a test which consists of several support tickets and one of them is "How to get groups with your API?"

    Frankly, I don't even understand what this means. I have the vaguest (and possibly inaccurate) grasp of what an API is.

    Now, I'm hoping you guys can help me understand whether this is a job I CAN do, or whether I should write back to them and say this is beyond my knowledge.

    They sent me API documentation and I found something that says "get all groups" with a drop down menu that lets you select a programming language and then gives you an example request. I guess that's the answer to this question, but honestly I'm guessing at things here and if I'm gonna get requests like these I'm not gonna know how to answer them.

    Anyway, my question, and maybe no one can really answer this, is does this sound like something someone with no programming knowledge can answer?
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    An API is simply the interface a program uses to let it be manipulated externally. For example, Giphy has an API that allows you to interact with their database through the use of HTTP requests.

    Libraries, which is pre-written code to add more functionality to a language, are often written to make interacting with the API simpler. A good API has the ability to allow multiple languages to access the API. A common way nowadays is via the HTTP protocol, which most modern programming languages support.

    The "get all groups" thing is most likely a piece of code that retrieves information from the API. I can't be 100% sure, since I haven't actually seen the API itself.

    I mean, you could do this without programming knowledge, but it's difficult when you don't really understand programming all to well...


    TL;DR - An API is an interface to interact with a program on the backend.
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    As you are asking here for a question they asked you then my opinion is that the job is currently above your abilities.

    That being said, it is certainly something you could learn to do both now before you start and then fill in the details while working the job.
    Sounds right to me.

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