WIndows 10 How to load OS and drivers in a newly built desktop?

Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by ssal, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. ssal

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    I will be building my own desktop. The putting of the hardware together doesn't seem to be too difficult.

    I am wondering how to load the OS and drivers to the new computer.

    I have a valid Windows 10 key which would require me to download the installation from the MS site. But how do I get internet connection for the new computer before I even load the OS. The same question would be for the drivers of the graphic cards, the Ethernet port, etc.

    It seems like chicken and egg question to me.

    Would someone enlighten me?
  2. TheRealSwede

    TheRealSwede Member

    First of all.. if you dont have the productkey in writing you should use a tool like: Nirsofts Produkey to obtain your saved key from your old computer.. and thus saved it in a format that you may print, so you are able to type it in during the installation..

    Secondly, about how to install your computer correctly with Windows 10 I sure hope that you did install the windows 10 setup to a USB-stick before you begun rebuilding your computer.. With that i mean, While your old computer was in working order you should have 1:st created the Windows 10 setup on a USB-stick (Thumbdrive), when that was done (and you still had internet access) you should have downloaded the Intel or AMD driver to a new folder on the very samt USB-stick (thumbdrive)..
    If you can not access your own internet due to the new build, perhaps you may pop by someone to use their computer to create the Windows 10 setup on your USB-stick, via: (they have to be logged on as Administrators to be able to run the download tool)
    and if you are building an intel-computer you should be able to access internet after your first logon and be able download your new drivers from:

    I would really recommend you to try out: THE ULTIMATE WINDOWS 10 INSTALLATION-GUIDE from WindowsGuides.EU (I think you really would benefit from the help you would get)
    That is a COMPLETE guide on how to install windows 10 with all the bells and whistles.. It´s really awsome…

    And you don´t need to be a computerwizard to use the guide either… much thanks to the help-files that comes with it..

    It´s a simple "step by step-guide" where the helpfiles does all that tricky fiddling, trimming and adapting for you...

    If you had that guide before you begun building your new computer, you would most likely already have created the thumbdrive with the Windows 10 setup AND downloaded the drivers beforehand.. (It´s all in the guide.. I guess that is why it´s called "the ULTIMATE windows 10 installation guide") Highly recommended!
    (all the above recommendations are actually in the guide that i recommend!)
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  3. AlienMenace

    AlienMenace Active Member

    This key you have, it has not been used on another computer has it. Is it a retail version or OEM version (which is also called the Builder's version). If it is OEM and it has been used on another computer, it will be no good. Also, with windows 10. You can load it onto your HD without the key and it will work, when loading 10, there is an option to click on that says something (I don't have a product key) and it loads everything and work and you can put the key in later. You can watch this video on how to install Windows.

    This guy is pretty good, although he does like to talk. And he instructs to people that are newbies at this, which is another reason I like watching his videos. Although, I have built a few computers myself over the years. His channel is for people who want to learn how to build computers.
  4. ssal

    ssal Member

    Thank you all for the detail instructions.
  5. TheRealSwede

    TheRealSwede Member

    That guy is more mouth than knowledge, a 18:17min he does the very same fault as all other non-professionals does..
    So his (customers?) computer will be unsafe, and unreliable, because the user ALWAYS log on with an Administrators account and that makes every malware, script or drivebydownload to piggyback on the users administrative rights, that is a very common cause for severe malware damages, that are hard to remove. This allows, for instance, any ransomware to encrypt the entire harddrive instead of only the logged on users personal files.. amongst other issues!

    This is a mayor fault that just about every NON-professional make!
    If you use: THE ULTIMATE WINDOWS 10 INSTALLATION-GUIDE you would not make these severe errors, it´s made by a professional who lets others gain the pro-benefits..
    That is why I recommended a visit to:

    By getting that guide you will not fall into the usual pits that makes your computer slower and slower every-time you use it, your computer gets more resilient against the damages that malware may cause, Since you as the user wont be able to make unintended systemwide changes your computer will keep fresh and fast, secure and reliable… (something you simply can not do if you always logon with administrative rights!)

    And thats even WITHOUT using any "cleaners", "tweakers", "boosters" or other similar software that promises a lot more than they can live up to in the long run!

    Your computer will be tweaked and optimized by the unique help-files that comes with the guide.. but the most important thing is that you get a PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION OF WINDOWS 10, one that build the performance, the safety and the reliability..
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  6. AlienMenace

    AlienMenace Active Member

    What do you consider a "Professional", have seen this guy's creds. on what you are trying to promote. Does writing a guide makes you a professional.
    And you are going off on 1 video that I posted. He has been in business for some time. Like 27 yrs. Granted I told you that his guy likes to talk, but you don't make any money from YouTube on short video's. But there is a lot of people that don't want to use an MS account or want to log in either. And besides, he can contact the customer about the setup later after the build is done. But "Threddy" and the name is short for the "Threadripper" that is installed in that machine and is a computer that he had built and not going to a customer as I know of. And all you are doing really is trying to promote something that you have to buy. When someone can watch the video for free.
    And if the OP wants to, he can watch one of CarryHolzman's video on building a computer, that way he can see how to build one, and take a course of action for himself.
    Also, I have been running my computers under Administrator since the dawn of time, and I have never had any problems with it. Granted, to some. It would be wise to create another account with no administrator rights and not log in the Administrator account.

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