How to make notes in a Smart Phone


Lets say I wanted to make a shopping list or wanted to write a reminder in a Smart Phone, how would I do that ? This is the Motorola moto e4 model .


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Look at the installed apps, there may be a notes app already on there. If not, download one from the play store.


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If you wanted to get really fancy, you could use something like OneNote from MS. You can do notes, shopping lists, todo lists, etc... There are clients for Windows, Android, iOS, Linux and you can create a document on your PC and then access it instantly on your phone. You could be at the store shopping using a shopping list on your phone that your wife could be simultaneously adding items to from her phone while she's at work.
I recommend Microsofts ONENOTE!
If you get that one you can easily type anything into your OneNote with your computer etc. and it shows up in your smartphone as well...