How to open a "~$" audio file?


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I accidentally deleted some important audio files permanently and I used a recovery software to recover the files. However, the files shown in the software had "$" in front of their names (see the image below). They are still in normal audio formats like M4A and AMR, however, they cannot be opened. The players say they don't support the file types or the files are corrupt.

I checked online and they seem to be "temporary files", I am not sure. Anyway, I wonder if there are any methods to open this kind of file.

I am unable to recover the original files. So if I also cannot open the $ file, does that mean there are no other solutions?



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Sounds like they were not fully recovered and are corrupt. You're out of luck.


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The problem doesn't seem to be on it's file name "$RJYWHHX". More likely it is a codec issue. I mean, even though they are still files under M4A or AMR container, the encapsulated audio stream may already go to corrupt.