How to record audio with zoom recording?



I need to record a Teams video meeting whereby somebody has control of my computer, and they are showing me how to use an application software package.

I am using zoom to do this recording…I just start up a zoom meeting with myself, and click “share”…it then records whats going on on my screen. However, I cannot seem to pick up the audio aswell. Do you know why not?

Whilst the other person is using my computer, they are speaking to me over the headphones, -its this audio that I also need to record. It does record my speaking into the microphone , but not his voice speaking to me over the headphones. Do you know how I can also record his audio on this zoom recording?


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Sounds like it's not picking up your system sound. If you're on Windows, and your audio driver supports this, you can go into Zoom settings > Audio > Microphone and choose "Stereo Mix". This isn't available on all computers though.