How to save a picture on my computer?

Discussion in 'Internet Discussion' started by Elidicious, May 15, 2011.

  1. Elidicious

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    As you may have already noticed, Facebook doesn't allow its users to save uploaded pictures on their computer. When I right-click on a picture, the option save picture as is disabled. The only option that works is save page as or View page source info. I have used the latter but it's too confusing because I have to find the picture link which ends in .jpg.

    Is there a faster way to save pictures on my computer?
  2. strollin

    strollin Well-Known Member

    While viewing a photo in a FB photo album, instead of right-clicking look along the left side of the page and one of the links is "Download".
  3. Elidicious

    Elidicious Member

    oh. yeah. that's right!!!

    Thank you!!!
  4. Sherlock_34

    Sherlock_34 New Member

    The "Save Picture As" option is disabled in Facebook's theater mode (viewing photos without having to reload the page, thus the picture overlaps the rest of the page, which is darkened). You have to refresh the page in order to view it in the classic way, (viewing the album in a seperate page) or you could choose to open the picture in a new tab or window.

    If you have Chrome or Firefox, you can download addons to disable theater mode (you will need Greasemonkey though).

    Download Greasemonkey for Chrome here.

    Download Greasemonkey for Firefox here.

    And download the add on for disabling theater mode here.

    I know it's more time-consuming. I'm just increasing your options. :)
  5. voyagerfan99

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    Actually you can right click and select "Open in new tab" or simply press Ctrl + Left mouse click. No need to make things complicated with GreaseMonkey.

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