how you tun up computer

Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by snag, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. snag

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    how you tun up computer AMD and Intell win 10 ?
    i am runing 3 computers last few weeks with no reason each computer lock up and some time restart and some time will not restart all day.
    how i can test if windows is doing that or hardvare ?
    how i do testing and how i prevent to loose info on hard drive,how i have to save that to instal on new hard drive or new computer ?
    can anybody write the proces what i have to do .
    i have reed 100 pages info but non will work.everything is trick to buy somting.

    thanks snag
  2. TheRealSwede

    TheRealSwede Member

    If you have read 100 pages, i must ask if one of those where:

    That is the page about what "View Reliability history" is and how to use it..
    it will show if there are any errors noted around the points in time that your computer locked up, rebooted etc.....

    I really do not recommend en "tunup", "optimizer", "booster" or "cleaner"-softwares etc. at all since they often ARE the cause of problems.. So IF you have used those earlier, then your problems might come of that use...

    Otherwise a PROPER and clean reinstall might solve the issues..

    Let us know what the reliability history says...
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  3. snag

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    i have no idea how to get to Action center ?
    when i trable shoot my brain is blank.i have to folow steps1,2,3, if not i am afraid i will create more problems and do not know how to go back.
    i found how to get in reliability monitor,
    how i can test motherboard,videocard,power suply all hardvare components,if they are good or failing ?
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  4. Darren

    Darren Moderator Staff Member

    Take it to a shop if you're not comfortable.
  5. revolution221

    revolution221 Member

    There are a variety of issues that could cause restarting and random shutoffs, most common is heat which I highly suspect since it is happening to multiple computers and not just one-this tells me it could be environmental
    But bad RAM or Power supply could cause your issues as well
    Are these computers close to a heat source like a radiator or a heater?
    Do they all share a surge protector/draw power from the same unit?

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