HP Laptop Q?

My current HP laptop with Windows 7 just recently went to the PC graveyard in the sky. I bought an Acer Google Chromebook thinking it would be a good laptop to replace my HP. WRONG! I hate this thing!
Anyway, WM has 2 HP laptops in my price range. One has a disc drive that is $20 more than the other one without disc drive. They are both identical except for the disc drive. Would paying the extra $20 be worth it? I do have an external disc drive that is about 6 months old. It just plugs into a USB port.
Thank You!
Can you post links to the 2? Without knowing specs it would be hard to recommend anything.
The HP for $299 is sold out.


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#1 will feel faster since it has M.2 and not a 5400 RPM mechanical drive.

The CPU is a little more peppy on #2 and a bit more modern, but the SSD would make the larger difference.