HP Pavilion 22" All-in-One will not turn on.

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  1. finsfree

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    I have a HP Pavilion that won't turn on at all. I have tried 2 different power cards (1 came off of a working HP Pavilion) but no luck.

    Serial No. 8CC52306V5
    Product No. L9K83AA#ABA
    Model No. 22-a014

    I have followed the direction from this video. I still had no luck.

    This thing is not turning on, no lights, no noise, no fan, no nothing.

    The warranty ran out August 2017 so HP won't help.

    The power cord that came with it, when plugged into the HP Pavilion, is making this wierd crimping noise over and over again. Like I said at the beginning I did try a different power cord that I know was working, but still no luck. I did check with a volt meter the power cord that was making the crimping noise and I am getting 19.5 volts.

    I think I have 2 issues a bad motherboard and a bad power cord?

    what now?
  2. johnb35

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    Either take it in to have diagnosed or buy a new one. What is this "crimping" noise? Never heard of that before.
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  3. finsfree

    finsfree Member

    Sorry, a chirping noise.

    Yeah, I thought so. Seems like this thing is nothing but an over sized paper weight now.

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