HWMonitor, are the temps acceptable?

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  1. gamblingman

    gamblingman VIP Member

    So I finally got a temperature monitor after some thought and checking on which would be the best; I went with HWMonitor. I am monitoring temps with only a few things running: FireFox and HWMonitor, and I only did start-up about 10 minutes ago.

    Here are my temps:

    ACPI hardware monitor

    Temperature sensor 0 58°C (135°F)

    Min: 45C Max 59C

    The reading in italics seems high since the min is specified as 45C and the max at 59C. I am only one degree from the max, seems bad.

    What do you think about that?

    Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T7500 hardware monitor

    Temperature sensor 0 59°C (138°F) [0x29] (Core #0)
    Temperature sensor 1 60°C (139°F) [0x28] (Core #1)

    HWMonitor Specifies:
    Min: 44C
    Max: 61C for Core 1 & Max: 60C for Core 2

    (CPU seems high at startup, but I have a lot of programs loading at startup, and they are absolutely necessary programs.)

    GeForce 8600M GT hardware monitor

    Temperature sensor 0 47°C (116°F) [0x2F] (GPU Core)

    HWMonitor Specifies:
    Min: 43C Max: 49C

    SAMSUNG HM250JI hardware monitor

    Temperature sensor 0 31°C (87°F) [0x1F] (HDD)

    HWMonitor Specifies:
    Min: 31C Max: 34

    There doesn't seem to be a lot of leeway on the HDD temps. I don't imagine that it fluctuates much, but still... What do you make of this?


    After the computer has been on for awhile, say 30 minutes idle the temps come down by several degrees.

    *ACPI drops from 58C to 47C

    *Core 0 from 59C to 47C
    Core 1 from 60C to 47C

    *nVIDIA from 47 to 44C

    HDD increases from 31C to 34C

    34C is the max HWMonitor shows that HDD should be. Should I be concerned, or is this normal?

    Feedback is appreciated. If I have made this a little hard to understand, sorry.
  2. The_Other_One

    The_Other_One VIP Member

    For a laptop, that's pretty typical. Perhaps on the warm side, but still about what is to be expected. How's it under stress? Does anything exceed 60*C...or exceed by a large margin?
  3. Fatback

    Fatback VIP Member

    This is on a laptop correct if so then those temps are perfectly normal. Your CPU temps are pretty good for a laptop same with your GPU temps. HDD temps I would say is a little below average for laptop. Are you using some type of cooling pad?
  4. Cromewell

    Cromewell Administrator Staff Member

    The HDD is fine, I've seen drives running pretty hot and they still work.

    Do you know what the ACPI sensor is measuring?
  5. gamblingman

    gamblingman VIP Member


    I dont have the foggiest what ACPI measures! ha ha ha I was hoping someone here would know.

    I dont use a cooling pad, but I have my laptop on a wire rack. Its about 1.5" over the table, and the room I use my computer in is always cool, 70F or less.

    And yeahhh, sorry. I forgot to even say the computer type, DUH! Its a Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop, and about a year and a half old. I also just cleaned it the other day.

    I havent tried it under stress yet. How would you recommend I do that? I was just going to play oblivion for awhile and see where I stand.
  6. Fatback

    Fatback VIP Member

    Prime95 http://www.mersenne.org/freesoft/ is perfect for putting a load on your CPU. Also good for checking if you computer is stable.

    A $10 cooling pad would probably lower temps by a few Celsius.
  7. gamblingman

    gamblingman VIP Member


    I would use the program you mention, but its the first time I've heard of it. Also their site is a mess, it could be a demonstration of how not to design a web page, and that makes me wary of their software.

    Besides I'm ultra picky about what I install. But hey, I appreciate the comment, I'll keep it in mind.
  8. Fatback

    Fatback VIP Member

    You can ask anybody here about Prime95 an they will tell you it is a great program. It's mostly used to check the stability of a computer after being overclocked, but a lot of people use it to put there CPU under a load to check there load temps.

    BTW thats not there web site it was just the first link that came up when I googled "prime95".

    Edit: Here is a better link http://download.cnet.com/Prime95/3000-2053_4-192895.html?tag=mncol
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  9. gamblingman

    gamblingman VIP Member


    Oh man do I feel dumb!

    I just realized that HWMonitor isnt showing the Min/Max as the lowest/highest that is acceptable.... Its showing the min/max at that moment and taking a rough average for the current temperature.

    I cant believe that I didn't notice that before!

    How can I find what the acceptable min/max temperatures are for my computer? I tried dell and googling it, no luck there.
  10. schw32m

    schw32m New Member

    Not sure how up to date the chart is but you can look here. Click on the CPU temps section and it gives a maximum limit for most CPUs.


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