I am trying to find out how to connect a laptop to 2 monitors and use the laptop screen for a screen

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    I am trying to find out how to use two monitors and the laptop screen for a screen for a total of three monitors. My laptop has one hdmi port, and I was hoping to use a usb to hdmi connector to connect the second monitor. My question is before I had this laptop I tried to do this my laptop had 1 hdmi port and one vga port and when I had them connected I could only have two monitors running I think it would extend to one monitor but then the other monitor was exactly the same as what was showing on the laptop screen and I had no option in the Operating system Windows 10 to use three monitors it only showed two.

    If I purchase this https://www.walmart.com/ip/Cable-La...=111840109&wl11=online&wl12=347781489&veh=sem

    Will it work and in the operating system will it allow me to see the three monitors in display settings and not have to mirror one on one of the screens the same as the laptop? I want to be able to extend to all three screens and use every screen as its own screen.

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