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Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by evian1121, Sep 13, 2018.

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    So i was going through my email and accidentally clicked on a suspicious link, it was a quickmessage.io link, which i had no clue what it was, when i clicked on it my anti virus came up and blocked it from accessing it, it said that this link may be harmful and may want to steal your info i clicked off it and didn't go further then that.

    When i looked into it apparently its an IP tracker website, not im scared that whoever it was has my IP address and maybe my home address ? is it possible to get ones home address through the IP address? is it possible they have it even if i clicked off it with my anti virus?

    I went into shock mode and straight away downloaded a VPN as that what i saw on the internet to do, am i safe ? or ?
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    An IP Address can show location, however typically it is not completely accurate, usually it only shows general location. You should be safe, however I would suggest changing your IP address.

    Several websites however do use your IP Address, whether is is used maliciously is up to the one who can see it.
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    Just run a scan, probably fine. Every website you visit can see your IP. Since I'm a mod I can see your IP right now. :) Doesn't mean much on its own.
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    No, your IP address can't show your home address. Only public safety or the Feds could do that with a subpoena to your ISP. Unless of course you're dealing with one hell of a clever hacker who just so happened to hack your ISP's database. LMAO!

    If you want, you can change your IP address. Usually it just involves power cycling the modem. Or it might take using the MAC address clone feature, changing the MAC address in your router and rebooting the modem.

    Make sure your router doesn't use the default username and password. UPnP is off, you're not forwarding any ports you don't need, and remote administration is off. Stay abreast of any and all firmware updates to your router at the manufacturer's website.

    My IP address is MjIxLjc5MS43MjIuMzIN

    The server sits behind fat Tony's fat ass in Chicago. And you thought I was from Colorado. HA!
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