I have a computer with windows 7. What are my options?

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    I have a dell computer (desktop) with windows 7. I love it.

    I had my computer for only 3 and half years. I believe a computer can lasts for more than 5 years. I'm not sure if it can last longer than that. What are your thoughts?

    I'm also do not like to change parts in my pc. I'm not good at changing parts. I also not sure if the computer repair company is trustworthy or not. My data is important to me. That's why either, keeping the old computer or buying new is the option for me

    It's it better to get a new computer or just pay for windows 10?

    I also have a windows 8.1 when I got the computer. I complained and they sent me a windows 7 because that's the one I wanted. I got to keep the 8.1 when they told me to keep it.

    How does 8.1 compare to windows 10?

    I don't see much info on youtube about 8.1. it seems like no one is using it much lol. It's all about 7 and 10.

    Recap: What are you thoughts to all 3 questions?

    1. What are your thoughts on a new computer and how long can they last?
    2. What are your thoughts on windows 10?
    3. What are your thoughts on windows 8.1?
    4. What would you do if it was you

    Thank you :) Appreciate it ;)
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    I believe I post this in the wrong section. I just realized. Can you help me to move it to: Desktop computers

    Thanks :) so sorry
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    You can keep 7 after January 2020, it just won't update after that. Windows 8 was horrible, 8.1 made it function more like 7, and 10 took a lot of cues from 8.1. 10 is currently still free to upgrade to from anything after 7.

    In answer to your questions...
    1: They will last as long the hardware does and you don't have anything screw up the software. I have a system from 2012 that still sees regular use, and it's not uncommon to see systems from the early 2000s still running.

    2: 10 is ok. It can be made to look like 7 if you prefer the classic menu.

    3: 8.1 is fine, though if you're running that, there's no reason not to upgrade to 10 other that not wanting auto updates.

    4: Personally, I see no problem with keeping 7. I'm building a new system solely for work (easier for desktop at home vs the laptop I have) which will have 10 and the newer office applications for a more seemless switch between the two, but my main system will continue with 7 for the foreseeable future.
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    On your Windows 7 computer, If you upgrade to Windows 10 via https://www.microsoft.com/software-download/windows10 and select: update now you should get the similar version of Windows 10 for free…
    If your computer is only 3 years old, i think, there would not be any hassle with your hardware.. so you don´t have to change any or few parts..

    And if your data is important to you you should use ONEDRIVE to safely save the most resent stuff (you get 5Gb storage for free, if you buy office 365 you get 1Tb storage in OneDrive) AND also, before any upgrade or reinstallation save all your important files to an external USB-drive, that is not connected during any upgrades or reinstallations..

    In Windows 10 you use the same Microsoftaccount to sign in to your computer, as you used for OneDrive.. thus getting access to ALL your OneDrive-data instantly..

    It is usually better to perform a proper NEW installation to get rid of old crap like malware or corrupt files, faults in the filesystem etc..
    But initially a simple upgrade will do... so you get the free Windows 10... and to check if everything really works with your hardware..

    If you later on like to perform a proper reinstallation you use the same link but opt to "download the tool" that you run on your computer (you have to be logged on with a administrators account) to create a USB thumb drive to use as installation media..
    There will soon be a reinstall method that does not require a USB or DVD drive at all.. but that is to come...
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