I need a suggestion for graphic design monitor on a budget

Discussion in 'Video Cards and Monitors' started by Donut, Jan 10, 2019.

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    Hello, I am looking for suggestions concerning a new monitor. My old CRT is about to give up, and I have the option to get another old CRT for $10, but I would like to upgrade if I can.

    These are my concerns:

    Eye safety. I have read that LED screens are more damaging than LCDs, but there seems to be mixed messages about this topic.

    Wide viewing angle. I do illustration and design work that is very detailed, and if the color/image shifts when I move, that will not be good.

    Color correctness for printing and uploading to web.

    Price. I am interested in all suggestions regardless of price, but I probably cannot spend more than 150 dollars right now. Also, I would like the monitor to be from a trustworthy merchant, and have a decent warranty.

    Low RF and magnetic field emissions. I don't expect everyone to have knowledge about this, but I am slightly sensitive to these emissions and I am trying to limit my exposure, so if someone does know something about this topic, that would be great. Otherwise, any suggestions based on the top four concerns is plenty of information.

    Thank you!
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    Most modern PC monitor panels are purpose built to reduce eye strain so I don't think that should be a concern. But I'm not an expert on this.

    If you need something with a wide viewing angle and accurate color reproduction, then you definitely need an IPS panel. Aside from that its hard to give you a specific recommendation because you didn't say what you want in terms of RESOLUTION and SIZE. Those are really the two basic monitor requirements that you need to specify. But given the fact that you can only spend $150, you will probably be looking at 24" 1080p IPS monitors, such as this...


    There are other options from HP, LG, Acer, etc. Just do a Google search on "24 inch 1080p IPS monitor". There are some available for $99.
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