I need help with my HardDrive!

Discussion in 'General Computer Chat' started by valentin4k, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. valentin4k

    valentin4k New Member


    I have a secondary hardrive in my PC witch I only use to store family pictures and all my personal data. I secured that HardDrive with a password so nobody could have access to it. but the thing is, I forgot the password and i have no way to access the HardDrive. Does anybody know how can I eliminate that password or recover my files?
  2. beers

    beers Moderator Staff Member

    What encryption platform did you use, bitlocker?
  3. valentin4k

    valentin4k New Member

    I honestly don’t really know what I did. I only used that hard drive as a secondary drive, as a external drive to store data. I found a way to secure it with a password and I did it. But then I sold my PC, kept the hard drive to back up all my files, had the drive stored for a little while and when I tryed to opened again, I couldn’t remember the password.
  4. strollin

    strollin Well-Known Member

    Hope someone here can help you but it will probably involve cracking the pw somehow so good luck with that.

    Personally, I'm far more afraid of something like this happening to my data which is why I refuse to use encryption. I feel that it's far more likely that I will forget the pw or some other software/hardware malfunction will happen which will cause me to lose data then it is that someone else will access my data.
  5. Agent Smith

    Agent Smith Well-Known Member


    What does the password box look like? Can you give us a screen shot?
  6. johnnyb58

    johnnyb58 Member

    I had this problem on a work computer years ago and our IT Department never could retrieve my files. I lost everything.

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